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    astream adverb \ ” \
    Definition of astreamin line with the stream
    swinging astream of the tide

    astream is a live event streaming and recording business, focusing on a wide range of events from social and weddings to high end corporate.

    we work in venues, on location and even outdoors.

  • gear

    we specialise in professional streaming and recording.

    our gear is industry standard and capable of delivering at least 1080p full hd resolution to your viewers.

    if you need something a little better, 4k is available on request.

  • where

    we’re based in adelaide.

    covid-19 has affected us just like the rest of the world, so we’re only servicing south australia at this time.

    if you’re interstate, we can still probably help you find a provider, just ask!

  • more

    looking for more than just streaming and recording?

    our partner businesses offer a full range of event production and management including venue sourcing, audio visual equipment, operators, budgeting, ticketing and audience engagement.

    check out the links below.